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Where humans and technology meet. Let’s celebrate innovation & new technologies together!

Digital Festival is the largest technological and educational initiative in Poland. It’s time we talk about innovation and new technologies, but we put human in the centre. We emphasize inspiration, education, entertainment, but also a serious debate with experts and decision makers. 

We educate society about new technologies and convince Poles to the benefits resulting from digitalisation by promoting: 

  • Education about new technologies and digitalisation of citizens, business and public administration 
  • Companies – digital leaders, which participate actively in digital transformation, create a near-future world and inspire others
  • Digitalisation as the driving force of innovation development and as a key to long term competitiveness of the Polish economy
  • Poland as one of the leadinginnovative hubs, by presenting polish achievements in science and new technology

Key elements of Digital Festival


  • Educational campaign in biggest media outlets
  • 50+ articles and promo films
  • Free, online AI course #AIChallenge
  • New reports
  • Lectures, workshops around Poland

Digital Events

  • Digital Shapers
  • ThinkBIG
  • Innovation Night
  • Hackathons
  • Meet-ups
  • Political debate

Innovation Night

Innovative companies, R&D centres, research institutes, institutions e.g. libraries, universities, technology parks open their doors after dark to all visitors. Citizens have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of innovation by participating in workshops, guided tours, lectures or competitions.

Digital Summit

It’s a top level debate and a new platform for cooperation and the exchange of views between business and science representatives, politicians and opinion leaders.

Digital Shapers

A list that distinguishes outstanding personalities of digital world. Promotes digital competences through positive examples and acknowledges achievements of outstanding personalities.

Digital Discounts

Up to 50% off on online shopping promoting cashless payment method. 

Digital Hero

Charity fundraising aiming at supporting inclusion by helping people in need to develop digital competences.

During the Festival we want to reach as many people as possible in order to introduce them to new technological trends, show them the benefits of digitization in everyday life and work, educate and improve digital competences. Technologies should serve society by improving the quality of our life and increasing our productivity. 

Become Part of Digital Festival!

Apart from being a participant, there are several other options to contribute to Digital Festival and become part of its vibrant community: 

  • Host your own event! - you have an idea for an interesting event? Great!
  • Become Digital Hero – even with a small amount of money you can change somebody’s life!
  • Join Innovation Night – help us open door to the world of innovation
  • Volunteer! - we always need people helping out before, during and after the festival
  • Be a Sponsor! – make the most of all Digital Festival possibilities!

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Digital Poland Foundation as a non-profit organization turns digital challenges into opportunities for the Polish economy. We position Poland as leading digital innovation hub by promoting cross-industry nationwide initiative and combine forces, connecting topics and creating networks.